Term and Conditions (English Version)

Terms and Conditions

 We assume you have read and understood Product Care Instruction that we provide. Product damage caused by mistake in taking care of the product, not our responsibility. Please read back Care Instruction


A. Registration

All buyers through this site is required to have a personal account by doing  the registration process . When you register for this service, you will be asked to provide a password or keyword as a security guarantee access to your account. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information.

Registration Purposes:

  • Providing information via email regarding goods offered polite-wardrobe.com and other information that will be useful to you
  • Making purchases
  • Changing your account profile including your address and password through your account
  • Reviewing your order through your account


Purchasing is complete when these things are done:

  • You already make payment regarding the nominal on the invoice we sent in a period when the invoice is still valid
  • We have sent an email informing you that you have a complete purchase
  • The goods you ordered already en route to the delivery address or have already arrived at the delivery address


We use third party services to help make the shipping process.

The shipping fee is dependent on the location and customized shipping address with third parties working with us for the delivery process.

The delivery time is dependent on the location of shipping address, weather, and natural factors other external.

You can review the status of your order in your account.

You can change the shipping address for us to send your order yet.

To change the delivery address, please contact our customer service team:

BBM: 52767230

WA: 087824900863

LINE: polite_active


D. Complaints and Goods Exchange

You are entitled to apply for exchange of goods, and we will serve the process of exchange of goods if:

  •  The goods you received has a specification or a different type or article indicated on the invoice
  • The goods you received in conditions unfit or damaged.
  • We received a request from the goods exchange maximum of 3 days after you receive the goods.
  • You deliver the goods that have been agreed by both parties to be exchanged within a maximum period of 2 working days after the request approved .
  • The items to be exchanged in the same condition as when you received it (unused, unwashed, complete with labels).

In the exchange process according to the terms and conditions above, the cost of shipment from the delivery address or from our warehouse will be entirely our responsibility.

If the products you receive are in good condition and in accordance with that stated in the invoice, but you still want to do the exchange, the redemption request must be within 3 days after you receive the item and any shipping fees will fully be your responsibility.